Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where I Stand Sunday

Again, actually it was Saturday - we seem to be so involved in fixing this RV has kept me away from the studio, what got me here on Saturday was the HEAT index, which was around 106...too hot to even be outside.  So here I stood at my new David Sorg easel with the AC blasting, seems like I have hardly been able to use it...but the feeling comes right back, as soon as I get my toons going.  What's a studio without toons?  It wouldn't be a studio for me!!  I like an eclectic selection of music.  Saturday leaned towards 'Namaste' (I honor the light in you) a meditative new agey kind of CD.  It opened the portals of my 'artist spirit'.  And oh yes, I listen to hard rock, pop, DJ spun dance beat, classical and oldies as well, just not yesterday. 
What do you listen to in your studio,
or the space where you create?


Dana Cooper said...

Funny Pattie, not only do I have those comfy thongs you are wearing, but I have that checked rug as well! I think I got it at Crate and Barrel.
I listen a wide variety of music but I listen to KISSFM's hip hop. My children are amused and appalled at the same time!

Pattie Wall said...

Those are my WORK sandals now - ha! Have some new brown ones (ver similar) for dress-up - like that is ever needed. ☺ I think I got my rug at Target?? Home Depot??? as you may know, the OLD stuff get repurposed into the studio - and that is what that rug is...OLD. That hip hop keeps you young, right?

Becky Joy said...

I listen to most everything except rap. I have about a thousand songs rotating on my ipod. So every hour and day are different. I like your blog posts "from where I stand", unique.

Earthula said...

Ahh, the molting goat... (aren't we all?! ha.hahaha) is outstanding.

Music, sometimes too loud, sometimes really quietly holding the space, sometimes that I am jumping around to it, all the time there. I have lots of music. Rock,country, classical, film, jazz though the century, world... and it is all so good.

Gary Keimig said...

And I thought it was gettinghot here at 83 degrees. LOL.
Yep. Can't paint without some music going. I like easy folk music. Old time cowboy music and even some 60's 70's.