Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where I Stand Sunday

Well, this is going to be interesting.  Here I am in my neighbors chicken yard as a stranger.

"Well, WHO is SHE and what does she want?"
"Danger, danger - run for your lives - she doesn't belong here!!"

Ok, already, I was just gathering the eggs I was given permission for. 
But while I am here, wouldn't you like to star in my next blogpost??
"Are you kidding?  Just try and take our pictures near you - it won't happen we tell you -
Where I Stand Sunday is an ongoing photo essay examining the different places I spend my life standing. Too often we take for granted the everyday places we spend our lives walking on. There are several others who also write this on Sunday, see sidebar.
Happy "Daylight Savings Time"...
Blogger is not cooperating today - can't seem to get these two side by side...oh well.


Gary Keimig said...

yep. Been there done that.

Pattie Wall said...

Ha Gary! I think if I had my own poultry I COULD be the 'Chicken Whisperer'. Believe me, I always visit the local feed store and look at those little chicks..some day - when I intend to stick around a place. Hmm, wonder when that will be?

Mark Bridges said...

Hi Pattie. Not very green there yet. I alway like to see the chickens too.