Sunday, March 27, 2011

Where I Stand WIP

I often paint fairly small paintings.  I have large canvas that get painted on and then wiped off or painted over. This one is 24" x 30" - very large for me...but I am determined.  Took so many photos on our trip West in Aug/Sept of 2010, I am trying one out.  Many more to come.  There is that saying, "So many little time"... (or is that 'so many books, so little time') - oh well - works for me! 
FYI this one will look very different the next time you see it.
Just about everywhere you take photos in the forest,  you will find 'downed' trees in Yellowstone.  They are a part of the landscape and help to make it perfectly Yellowstone.
(P.S. Tired of the gray on this blog..thinking Spring - so livening up the color a little on the blog design.)


Mark Bridges said...

That is a biggie painting. Yesterday, when i took that photo of the windmill, it was 82º now it's 50º.

Pattie Wall said...

Big change in your weather - I will add to that, it is SNOWING here right now..little teensy flakes, but snowing all the same...grrr.

Gary Keimig said...

isn't Yellowstone a fabulous place? So many subjects. Stay with this one. You have a good thing going.
Thanks for the comment on my art blog and keeping up with me on my facebook site.

suzanneberry said...

yellowstone must be amazing! this is a lovely painting!