Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just a Beautiful Day - Anyway You Look at It

Today, was the first day in a VERY, VERY long time, that we could be outside and enjoy the acreage we live on in Kansas.  I got some important varnishing done in the studio today.   We worked on the 1950 'ton and a half' truck's brake system (got a new hydrovac), took a ride down country roads in the said truck, went to the farm across our road to see some of the animals...collect some eggs...
and just sit in the sun and take a walk in the woods! What a wonderful and lovely day! 
Ahhh...but look out some more weather is due this weekend. 
Darned!  I am so done with winter - aren't you????
This is Doc, who belongs to Natasha my neighbor.  We like to visit him - he is a gentle guy. 
This is one of the three current farm cats - we don't have cats, but love 'em all the same.



Hi- Most people don't know what a hydrovac is. I worked on all of those trucks in the 50's. O how times have changed.
That is why I paint now - it's a much more re-lacking life.
Happy brushing.

Pattie Wall said...

Hey Pete - I posted that reference to see if there was anyone out there that might know what a hydrovac was, and until we acquired this 1950 lovely, we didn't either. I visited your blog and see why YOU know that one. After locking up the brakes at the landfill (what this truck's job is) we discovered what it does and why it needed replacing. Have done some brake rebuilding as well. We think it is ready to a trial run on doing it's workhorse of a job again and that is removing much of the broken farm implements buried in a gully at the edge of the woods and tree branches and slash from the unkempt area. Yes, painting is much more relaxing than all this auto repair. We have redone much of the cab as well. In my next life, I want to learn upholstery. Ha!