Monday, May 30, 2011

On This Memorial Day...

My dad was recently approached by a man who was a total stranger, who asked him if he served in the military?  My dad said yes, but wanted the man to know that on his way to the Phillipines, the end of WWII happened.  He still went to his post and spent time there.  The gentleman reached out, grabbed his hand and shook it with gusto ~ thanking him profusely for his service. 

On this day when we give remembrance to those who have served and those who gave their lives ~ I think about how times of war bear no layer of duty or toll, date or situation.  A service to our country should be noted of ALL individuals who served, no matter the rank, no matter the depth, no matter their current station in life and without regard to their beliefs or current convictions.  They are all Americans ~ who gave of their time, of their lives, they made a commitment.  They are all heroes in my heart.  
T H A N K  YOU!!    

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