Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cowgirl - WIP

Work in progress 

I used a "Morguefile" photo for this portrait. Morguefile is a great place for artists to USE photos - this is one of diggerdanno's photos.
 This photo has a problem for me and I have to fix the problem with a bit of research.  The arm that is on her side is awkwardly twisted, wrist up it doesn't read as a possibility at this point.  I think I like the direction of the body, so will attempt to turn that hand - fingers down maybe more toward her hip.  The t-shirt is striped and once I got into it, I realized that I could overdo it.  I want to suggest it's stripedness, not paint every line as it is not the focal point of this painting.  This girl is also a little younger than I have painted her, so I will work on that by softening her features and making sure her body proportions meets the criteria of someone her age.

Tomorrow, I am headed to central Kansas to teach a figurative painting class.  It has been awhile since I have taught ART, but I have lots of experience with it. Even though I'm feeling a little rusty, I am certain that once I get going it'll be like riding a bike.

Stay tuned...

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