Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stood and Standing - All in One

Beautiful days make for lots of time to work on what we want.  Me, on my painting, DH in his auto/workshop that is right next door to the studio.
 He is putting a new engine in the Westie (VW Westfalia - one of those camper jobs)
I thought oil painting made your hands impossibly dirty.  I forgot how engine grease does a number on them. at work - yay - it's been a long time!

This is what I finished today. 
"Leaving Paradise"
9" x 12"
oil on Raymar canvasboard
This was my first demo at my class/workshop last week, had a few more details to finish.  DH said I should have put that gremlin out on the wing of the plane from Twilight Zone.  Ha.  One can make this a train or a plane..I guess.  I think it's a train.

I am working some of the days getting my studio cleaned and organized so that after surgery on my ankle next week, I have something that will 'call to me' - to get myself motivated to get up and carry on.  I hope the surgery does some good.  This pain is about all I can deal with some days.

On a sidenote:
This is "Where I Stood Friday"
It was my dad's 87th birthday.  I spent it with him in KC.  My brother and his wife came to Dad's for dinner Friday night.


Jane said...

Gorgeous expression, she really seems to be sorry for the colors !

Pattie Wall said...

Thank you Jane, and thanks for stopping by. I have to figure out how to translate your blog so I can read your posts. I think she has mixed feelings about leaving.

Leann said...

Lovely painting, and done on demand! You are good! Good luck with the surgery, I sure hope it helps.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Pattie - what a great painting - you can just imagine the thoughts that are going on in her mind!
Best wishes with the surgery on your ankle - I hope all goes well.