Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An Oil Painting - Night Vision...

"Three A.M."
9" x 12" 
oil on Raymar canvasboard

This painting is inspired by many things, one of them being - each night, after dark, I hear the coyotes.  Our dogs hear them, too.  They begin their calls from far away but get within close proximity within several minutes.  

We go through spurts of them being around.  Right now, I imagine, they may have a more difficult time finding food with the drought.  I have seen less deer, less rabbits, no skunks, a few squirrels...and even the chicken farm across the road is chickenless right now..not from the drought, 
but from the owner's dogs.

At 3:00 last night, I was awakened by the coyotes, again really close by.  It is such a mournful and wild sound on the night's breeze in 
the quiet of the night in the country.   
It takes my mind away ~ somewhere on the wind, when I hear them.  

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Leann said...

I just love this direction. Beautiful work.