Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where I Stood Friday into Saturday

It's Sunday, but this is Andy and me on Saturday morning.  Andy is an Anatolian Shepherd which are suited for "livestock guardians..earlier in time they were also second hand for the raison d’ˆtre of hunting and as action dogs ın wars."  I am talking BIG DOG.
 You can see the height and weight by comparing him to the other pooches he lives with below.
This is Ruby, Andy and Hallie.  He is twice the height of the other two.
Ok, let me back up a little....
Friday and Saturday I taught a figurative oil painting workshop in Bennington, Kansas...close to Salina for those of you not familiar with Kansas.  
Nine artists met at Debbie Wagner's "3 Rivers Gallery" for the two days.  Being far away from home and painting well into the evening, I was invited to stay at Eileen's place in the country.  This was such an idyllic experience for this artist/animal lover.   She has 12 horses, a beautiful home with barns and outbuildings this country gal would die for.  She has a wonderful artist's studio shown below.
It rained (ooo, did I say rain, in Kansas?)  yes, it rained on Friday night, in fact I drove home in the biggest downpour I have seen in a long time on Saturday night.  The sun wasn't really shining as usual, but the lovely colors of the trees were still shining brightly on the landscape.
The areas where the hay has been mowed was so orange.  
Lovely scenery.
A real treat was arranged by my hostess...
a live model to draw and paint from.
Here she is in the two poses that we used 
for the late morning and afternoon.

Thanks to a wonderful group of local artists - who worked so hard and were such sponges for new ideas and perhaps stepping out of their comfort zones to take their artwork to new heights. Thanks to Debbie and her group for making my stay and experience one that is unforgettable! 

Being with like-minded people is so therapeutic. 


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Pattie - I can only imagine what a wonderful teacher you are! Sounds like a fantastic workshop.

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Claire! I bet you are too! Just getting back into it, I forgot how much fun it is. They treated me like a dignitary. Such sponges, too! Isn't it true, there is nothing better than to see people inspired and crazy about doing art?

Barbara Pask said...

Sounds wonderful Pattie and I agree I bet you are such a kind patient teacher. I love her studio, I'm jealous. You need to paint that photo of the landscape. Hugs