Monday, October 1, 2012

A Painting for a Special Celebration

"Prairie Palace, Nebraska"
6" x 6"
mixed media

An internet artist friend of mine, Deb Groesser, of Ralston, Nebraska put out a call a few weeks ago for anyone wanting to be a part of a 
special community project to help celebrate 
her town's centennial birthday.  This piece is my contribution to the project.

The project is called the Community Mosaic Art Project.  
The "goal is to have 400 individual works of art, donated and 
displayed together to create a large "mosaic". "  It's to help raise awareness of art and raise money for the Ralston Community Foundation.  
You can read further about it here. 

If you live in farm country these elevator buildings dot the landscape. denoting a  current agri-center (or perhaps one of the past), where lots of grain business is/was done. They are such a symbol of Americana - old or new, working or abandoned.

I have painted others.  The one where I used to work - across the highway a few miles from me can be seen here.  Another prairie palace incorporated into a narrative piece can be seen here.  
They are fascinating and simple, yet when you look at the operations and inner workings of them, they are quite complex.

And here is the installation of the special wall in the Baright Library in Ralston.

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