Thursday, January 31, 2013

Doin' the Happy Dance - Cause This is NUMBER 30!!!!

6" x 6"
oil on Raymar canvasboard


I have painted my Weimar in this challenge - 
so it's only fair to paint my red Doxie, Chaco, by himself.
He is my little buddy, he is a lap dog 
and snuggles with us on the
bed at night, misses me when I am gone and 
can't leave me alone anytime - when
I am here.  
Whatever room I am in, he is there.  

WELL - that's the challenge!  I did it!  
I never thought I couldn't.  
But what I realize IS all this painting and feeling
more confident than ever, 
will all fritter away with the
wind, if I don't keep up my momentum.

I WILL be taking a few days off to get some beginning of the year stuff going, which I have neglected terribly.

Would I do it again?  Maybe - - if I had taken a head's-up approach.  I took it on - as just a whim, at first..serious, although a quick decision was made when I saw Leslie's blog.  I guess that is the beauty of being an artist, you can adjust to things that come your way that relate to your art.

I could see taking a 5 day week once in awhile and doing a painting every day.
It keeps you thinking quickly, moving along, without getting hung up on little stuff and looking at the overall - I caught myself saying, "What is the MOST important thing I want to work here?"

I have learned alot - mostly about color mixing and value AND finding a balance between a 'painterly' approach and a more 'classical' approach is something I will always work on.  I have seen a lot of other's great artworks,  made a few friends, received lots of nice compliments,  my blog traffic has grown, I have gained some new 'followers',  and basically come to realize what it has to be -
to get some serious artwork done - 
I love my ritual.
I live 'in the zone' MORE now.

Thanks to Leslie - for providing the opportunity, 
the cheerleading,
and the challenge to paint.

I have 30 new paintings - staring at me now.
Several have sold - and I am grateful for that.

Many are listed on Etsy or Daily Paintworks if you 
are interested.  See my sidebar.
P.S. If you have been a frequent visitor, I hope to help you stay interested
in visiting in the future.  Painting is my life - and I WILL blog about it.


Serena Lewis said...

Congratulations, Pattie, on a job well done! I loved all the pieces you did in the challenge. Awesome work!

The end of my 75 day sketch challenge ended just 10 days before Christmas so I kinda got busy with other things over the Christmas holidays and my son's 6 week school break. I did love the daily sketching and hope to get back into regular sketching soon. I usually have December/January 'off' anyways. :)

Again, well done to YOU!

Victoria Culbertson said...

Congratulations! on this 30 day accomplishment! I've been following you mostly on fb! Thanks for sharing your art with us all! I'm sure you learned much and have new treasures to use for future paintings!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Victoria and Serena, nice to hear from you both! Life can go flying by when you are in the crux of something challenging...I plan to grab life by the horns and reshape it a little now that I am at the end of this challenge - and ON to the NEXT!

Helen Moreda said...

This is a beautiful pet portrait. I can feel the loyalty of which you speak. So warm. Great.

Pattie Wall said...

Thank you Helen - this is one I will revisit in the coming days, as I don't feel I did the background justice - I removed what I saw in the photo and not sure it works with the light on the subject.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Pattie - it has been so much fun painting along this journey with you! I have enjoyed each an every painting you have done over the past thirty days, and think your beautiful painting of Chaco is ths perfect way to end the challenge - it even looks as though he has a smile on his face! I am looking forward to what I see up here on your blog next!

Darla McDowell said...

Congratulations, Pattie! Love this portrait of your boy. He is adorable!

Debra Bryant said...

Oh Patti, I think this is your best yet of the 30. I just love him!!

Susan said...

So nice to see your dog. Loved seeing your daily paintings in this 30 day challenge. Loved day 29 too. Great job.

Pattie Wall said...

Thank you Claire - yesterday felt weird...I have really developed a relationship with my paints - I think a visit to that area of my life each day is what is needed and supposed to happen, now. That is ultimately what we have learned. I used to be that way...I will be again, thanks to the challenge. Wonderful experience!

Pattie Wall said...

Darla, Susan and Deb - thanks for your comments and your visit on this last day. See you again soon, either at your blog or mine, I will make the coffee!