Monday, January 9, 2017

DAY 9 - Painting 30 Paintings in 30 Days (Milva)

"Among the Milva Roses"
8" x 8"
oil on Raymar canvasboard

Again, a photo from my florist daughter helped me 
get today's painting going.

Other flowers here are delphinium, thistle (my new fave
when floral painting), silver dollar eucalyptus and white ginestra.
I am getting a lesson in flower ID, at the same time I am painting.

The day got late when I needed to 'final photo' this,
the north light was gone, which I really rely on.
So I bumped up the brightness on this one a little in Photoshop,

Your and my monitors may be a bit different, too.

This one is available, I never intended to market these until
the 30 days were done, but it's happening anyway.

Please email me if interested.
Drying time needed.


Chris Lally said...

Your daughter is a florist - two artists / a family who appreciates beauty! Lovely!

Pattie Wall said...

Yes, and her husband is a wonderful painting artist and stage actor - they both are in their Colorado community theater. She has designed florally for about 15 years, it was a passion from early teen years..and she did it and still does, I love that about passions!