Friday, June 22, 2007

5th Day of Harvest

Here in the Heartland..or Middle Earth as we call it, we are in "day 5" of wheat harvest. Never thought these words would be interesting, but they are: "30 - 40 bushels per acre, moisture average of 12.6% with yield impacts from freeze and rust." This place is a buzz with combines, tractors, grain trucks running to the elevators and praying all the while -that "it don't rain!"
Yes, we both are a part of it in some way..driving grain trucks or retailing libations. It's a time of celebration, every farmer has a smile on his/her face, life is good! The harvest god/goddess' are being kind! (It must be a goddess, like "Mother Earth" and we have been accepted!) BTW - "Heat Index" today around 2 PM was 112 degrees. Perfect weather for harvesting! PSSSSS..also got a video of a snake in the well pit, that opened it's mouth at G and shook it's tail, like it had a rattle, but it didn't, very odd. The "snake in the grass" shed it's skin and left it right where I saw it.

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