Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So much rain..

We have had so much rain that the milo field is falling into our property. The ground is eroding away and water and silt are cascading with a roaring force into the pond and across "Ticky Road" as we call it (that's because you can always come back from it with at least 1 tick on you or the dogs). The dogs had to stay in the muddy dog runs all day, while we did business in another town. When we got home they all had to have baths. Works out good, cause we just open the side compartment on the RV, and use the outdoor shower that is there, on them. Began getting estimates on a new roof. Why do they make things so darned expensive? And we aren't real happy with the contractors around here...so we may end up doing the roof ourselves. It is very steep. The insurance office gals said I have to stay off the roof, since I broke my wrist LAST summer. We shall see. I think I could make it with a "rescue" rope tied to my waist, just like the trapeze artists do, don't you? And I need to be able to do the alligator crawl across the face of the roof, so I had better start getting stronger for that. Ah, the joys of living in the country.


Pam said...

You have nothing but fun! Hope that you can get a decent bid on the roof. I don't like the idea of you or Gene up there.


Pattie said...
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Pattie said...

Yes, we have so much fun! Bids on the roof are a little pricey, so far. They don't pay you a decent wage to work around here, but they sure charge you a premium price for contracted work. We have the time to do our own research and then we always have the tractor to lift the bundles to the roof. Ha!