Monday, June 25, 2007

The Beat Goes On

Hot today and windy...great day to work in the fields they say. Summer has begun, right? It sure feels like it now.
I had an encounter with a very "crass" and rude young lady today. Perhaps WE (I don't like saying "generations", but I have to, at this point, get over it right?) were that way, "WE knew it all, WE did everything, NO ONE was smarter than us cause WE were there!!, people over 50 WEre the enemy". (Maybe it was even over 40? That was a long time ago.) Today was all over showing some I.D. at "the store". In this case, there was a bit of "throwing names around" on her part - in small towns it probably should work (lost ID..someone stole it the whole 9 yards, let me call so and so to prove it to ya) and then there is "the law". The Law always wins, at least the law I am speaking of. In some arenas in life, rules are rules and laws are laws, ala Paris Hilton, blah blah. Why can't everybody just get that without being so nasty! See, I am even tempted to say, "I won!" So, no - there were no winners. My heart goes out to younger critters. They really need to get around the block a few more times. Right? Speaking of getting around the block...
Just remember...It takes a minute to meet someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone---but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.
Thanks to YOU my friends and family, for letting me know you are still there! Your thoughts, pictures, comments and emails are greatly appreciated. You are not forgotten!

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