Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Snakes Are Us

Started scraping and painting KILZ coat on the exterior of the house today, amongst the biting flies, repellent resistant mosquitoes and the heat. Not a good day to be doing this I thought, I hate being bitten all over, and smelling like a repellent factory. Then, as I was brushing the tall grass away from the foundation, I heard a slithering sound, before I saw about half the snakes' body, about 6" long, so that would make him a foot long and any snake is just too long for me. I DON'T LIKE SNAKES!!! I DON'T CARE WHAT KIND! First time I have screamed in a long time. Got the pitchfork and the grass was pulled away from the house all along the foundation and no snake could be found. Gee, maybe he is under the house now, what a great thought! I worked a little more and gave up. Now we are going to uncover the well pit, to see if there are any snakes in there, cause there used to be...and then we are installing an AC in the bedroom window. Woohoo! Sleepin better at night, here I come!

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