Friday, June 15, 2007

At the End of Another Week...

As fast as I can, I am going to get some new works done. It will be a few days and then I will be posting again. In the meantime, here's some fun photography of our weimaraner at WARP speed. Even though he broke his leg so badly a few years back, he can race with the greyhounds!
Good work Doc Peterson!
P.S. If anyone knows how to humanely rid ourselves of a rogue skunk please send us some ideas. We aren't into catch and cage. We read they hate water (but that would make all of our firewood wet) and we heard they also don't like "light", so the light may be plugged into the shed tonight. We will be trying to rid the land of the "grubs" they like to eat. There is also a place online that sells "fox urine" dust, which tells the skunk his 'predator' is around, but I don't think I can support a company that collects it. Now how humane would that process be??? (and why would a fox, hunt a skunk???)

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