Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Roof

Accepted a bid for a new roof today. The contractor said it was the worse damage he had seen in the county. It's nice to know we are the winners on that one! So, I learned that when you buy "50 year" shingles that really doesn't mean that they will last 50 years. It means that under normal conditions (not in this part of the world) they will last for that long. So I guess the insurance company looks at it as GOOD material and will be more willing to give us the next roof, based on the quality of the shingle material. Funny, how that works. He said it's like buying a warranty on your tires or your battery. Huh. Amazingly the job will be done in ONE day! Anyway, WE DON'T HAVE TO GET ON THE STEEP ROOF AFTER ALL!!
Two doxies got in a horrible fight today. This is about the third one. I had to dress the wounds on the red one. This "alpha" stuff gets complicated for them, I guess. In the meantime the red one takes a beating! We will have to separate them in the dog run, which will be hard to do. Interesting how dogs are so forgiving. 15 minutes after they fought, the red one was licking the black and tan one and snuggling with him. Go figure...

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