Monday, April 14, 2008

A Painting for Today

"Great Mormon Butterfly (male)" - 8" x 10" pastel on pastelbord.

Today is less windy than other days.
Now we have a mole or some critter 'digging in' close to the dog enclosure and the wiener dogs are going nuts! I have never seen such digging by dogs. They almost have the basement door dug up! LOL.
I finished the above pastel butterfly today. My friend gave me the OK to use his photo that he shot at the Denver Butterfly Pavilion. It has taken me about a half a day to find it's identity on the internet, but by golly, I think I found it! (If any butterfly experts out there can correct the name, please do.) I was attracted to it's beauty! It's done on that great pastelbord (that's the spelling) by Ampersand. I found out though, it only takes so much pastel, before it becomes unforgiving. There are many layers of pastel on this one.

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