Sunday, April 27, 2008

Where I Stand Sunday

Again, we walked our asses off, but saw some cool things. This is where I stand with my daughter (tennis shoe) and the tip of the stroller showing my granddaughters feet inside the cover (cause it's cold and windy here) and me standing on the platform of the subway station to go to Manhattan, to the Guggenheim Museum.
We saw Cai Guo-Qiang, "I Want to Believe". A portion of his work is on very large papers or panels where he paints by igniting gunpowder. I know, you say what is so cool about that? The symbolism and connections and disconnections with the East and the West transforms your mindset into another dimension while viewing his works. BTW go to Guggenheim Museum and look at the exhibit there.
My very favorite part of the exhibit was called "Head On". Since no photos were allowed, I took one from the ground floor starting up the first rotund before the "sign" appeared. A pack of 99 life-sized wolves gallop toward a transparent glass wall only to collide head on into an unyielding barrier.

For the artist, wolves possess ferocity and courage and achieve heroism through their collective unity - although in this case their cohesion leads to their ultimate downfall. It addresses human fallibility of following any collective ideology too blindly and society's fate to repeat mistakes unthinkingly. (There - I copied that right off the magnet set I bought of "Head On".) Each wolf has a different posture and as you approach the glass, their speed - body movement - increased. It's truly amazing.
Scarlett held up well, she is amazing too!
Manhattan in the springtime is beautiful! So many tulips and pansies!

These are called "Cheerful" daffodils.

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Leann said...

Wow! Out here in the middle of the country we think everything has been done, and NYC open your eyes to so many possibilities! What a wonderful trip!