Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Portrait of the Year

" The Wiener Boys"
6" x 8" original oil on Raymar board
Yep, that's what we fondly refer to them as. They are quite a pair! A couple of snuggle bugs in a rug at times and other times rough and tumble buzz saws. Dachshunds have extremely distinct personalities and are the perfect dog for an "in the house" dog. Caution on caring for them gently when it comes to their backs...their longer length puts them at a risk for spinal injury.
Chalk this painting up to my first "1" of "15" I am trying for this month.


Mark Bridges said...

Those guys a cute. I just went to put my cloths in the drier, and here comes two kids chasing their chihuahua which had long hair on it's ears/

Vern Schwarz said...

Beautiful first portrait Patti. This upping the art production seems to be a popular goal this year. I secretly have committed to same, but won't be so bold as to spell it out in print. But I guess that's the whole point isn't it. Commit commit commit!!! ha. I am planning to attend a painting workshop with Liz Witzen in Vancouver that is taking place within the next three weeks. Low initial registration may kill it though. Fingers crossed.

Pattie Wall said...

Mark, go chase that Chihuahua and get me a photo -LOL!
Vern, now you are on record - for whoever reads your comment. Wow, Liz Witzen! Hope you get to do that one! Let me know!

Karen Hargett said...

Great portrait Pattie! These little dogs are so cute.

I went to the weiner dog races that are held in Buda, Texas last year - what a hoot that was! I loved it.

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Karen. I have heard of those races and I bet they are just too fun! Mine probably would be too unruly to focus on that activity. Ha!