Saturday, January 17, 2009

Number 11 of 15

5" x 7" original oil on canvasboard
For Sale in my Etsy Shop.
I went to an artist's meeting a few months ago, where my friend had LOTS of cats. I took LOTS of photos of them and couldn't resist this one. She had followed us on our tour of their property, and I think she knew I was interested in taking her photo. We were in the dug out greenhouse and she stretched up to the sun with a big satisfied look on her face. Her owner says it's her "look at me, aren't I beautiful" - smile. She used to be a city cat and is now queen of the country.
I think this is number 11 of 15 - portrait challenge for myself in the month of January.

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Camille LaRue Olsen said...

She's right, she IS beautiful! Loved the story. Also really enjoyed the discussion above about wolves and coyotes. I share your hair-raising reaction to the Sarah Palin helicopter stories. I hope you didn't have the displeasure of seeing the video of her at the turkey farm just before Thanksgiving. Ugh! But anyway, nice painting, Pattie. Sweet cat.