Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Painting for Today

"Black Lab Mix" - 6" x 8" original oil on Raymar board
I have a long and tender story about this dog, I will share it some other time.
He was our dog, a black lab mix named 'Cygnus', named for the song by Rush and the fact that Cygnus is a black hole constellation, I believe.
Yes, I just painted a white swan I named Cygnus.
We adopted him from a friend's cousin who had moved to the area from Seattle.
The dog couldn't live in the apartment she moved to.
Unbeknownst to us (but not for long)
we found out he was 'brontophobic', meaning scared of loud noises.
It made the rainy season - pure 'hell', along with those days around the 4th of July.
Such a big dog and oh so sadly afraid of thunder.
This is from a photo of him sitting on our deck. He was so very was hard to find a photo of him, where you could see some glimmer and change of color in the light on his fur. Thick paint in the light makes for a great shine.

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