Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where I Stand Sunday and a Painting for Today

Hard to see my feet, but I am standing at my work table - putting a mat around my latest portrait. The thing that is eminent is that I have to clean and organize the studio. I know I have 3 rolls of repositionable 'art tape' and can't find a one of them. Makes for a lot of wasted time. Ergh!
"Beth and Wilson"
8" x 10" original watercolor on Arches
We lived in Kansas City when my cousin Beth was born, I was a sassy 18 year old. To me, she will always be that little cutie pie. Amazing how time flies - now married with three boys of her own. This Weimaraner pup belongs to my cousin Abby. Most of the photos I have of him - from the summer of '07, he is a snoozin' puppy. He looks a little different from my Weimar -
he has a pinker nose and his eyes are bluer.
I am getting more comfortable with each one of these watercolors and found it is more forgiving than I originally thought. Made some obvious errors in what I was seeing, the person who critques helped me and I was able to correct those errors fairly easy. Thanks hubster!
Number 6 of 15 - I better get to it!


Mark Bridges said...

nice portrait, any snow there?

Victoria on Okinawa said...

Watercolor is truly a challenge, I've done some playing around with watercolor pencils with brush and water. I admire your bravery in working with watercolors.

Hope your decluttering goes well so you can find what you need, same here when I need something I have to go thru tons of other stuff to find the thing I need even when I have 3-4 of the same thing so I'm slowly getting a mess straightened out. Bought some containers to go on the shelves to better see what's there and keep like with like, I read that is one of the best ways to find things when you need them. Now if I could remember to put it back where I found it in the first place, HA! That seems to be a rule of keeping organized too and so is a place of everything and everything a place, HA! I keep working at it, someday hmmm...

Pattie Wall said...

No snow - just wind, Mark. Lots and lots of it today! Grrr, makes my mind go crazy!
Victoria - you are right, when organizing or re organizing, it's the dilemma of where did I find that new place for that one. I think that is why we tend - as artists - to stay a little disarrayed, we have so much stuff and we know just what pile it's in. I do better work when things are tidied up, though, so I had better get to it. (but it's one of those things that is agonizing to me - so I might not - LOL)

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Pattie, Just saw this painting on Daily Painters Marketplace and it is wonderful. You are so talented.