Monday, January 5, 2009

Gouache Cat

"Cat" - 4" x 5" gouache on Arches watercolor paper
Lucky me, the art supply fairy left me a set of gouache in the closet...really I forgot I bought it over a year ago and just as I was about ready to try to justify purchasing a set, voila! It's like a cross between acrylic and watercolor. You can paint transparent - depending on how much water you add, and it's real easy to use it opaquely. I like the possibilities. Either way, it was extreme fun for a quick kind of paintsketch! I have tried several times to Photoshop it's values true, as I cropped it to size, and it doesn't quite read exactly right. Photo is from the Wet Canvas artist resource library.
For sale on Etsy, $35.00 plus shipping and handling.
Number 4 of 15 "portrait goal for the month of January".

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