Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dog Sweater Progress

I have been a busy little elf with trying to get the doggie sweater's been fun! I still have to do the edging and button holes at the neck and the strap that goes beneath his big belly to attach it underneath.  It looks a little big down the back when I place it on him, but if you knew how he shivers when it's cold (and even when it's not) it will be added warmth for my red dachshund "Chaco".  Stay tuned for the fashion show in a few days.

Out to the studio today. I have done a prelim, warm-up - "get to know the facial structure/anatomy" charcoal sketch of my DSFDF portrait challenge, now I need to get going on a complete portrait - a handsome looking gentleman. 


Gwen Bell said...

Wow...I'm so impressed. Your stitches are perfect. When I Crochet it looks like something Morticia Adams from the Adam's Family would make. I'm so envious.

Pattie Wall said...

Gwen, you don't see the swirling around the edges? I hopefully will pull it together WHEN I take the time to finish it. I guess that will have to be some more coldsnap weather...I am just too busy in the studio - :-) I know, poor doggie.