Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Doggie Dilemma

It's a blizzard here today.  They are predicting 10 to 15 inches - we don't know if we are on the edge of this, or not...it is really coming down.  Our Weimaraner, Bailey, has been very remiss in going outside these last few very cold days to do his "duty".  He runs out, only to run back to the porch and bang on the door.  You see, he has a titanium plate in his left front leg from breaking his leg earlier in life.  When the temps are down around zero, as you can imagine, his leg freezes up very quickly. 

The house seems nice and warm but our dogs all shiver or burrow under 'pluffies' we make for them on the furniture, bed or floor.

Got out the sweaters this morning...one...two....oh no, that's right, someone doesn't have a sweater yet...they have a coat, but it's too small, as that dog (after neutering) got too large girthwise.  So, mom has to brave the snow, get out to the studio and dig out the sweater she attempted to make in a different year...I think I understand crocheting a little better than I did at the time I was trying to make it.  A good activity to do on a blustery, cold, snowy day.  It couldn't happen to a colder dog.  

Bailey has to be coaxed outside to do anything in this weather. I had my camera set on fast, and you can see I almost didn't catch him. He likes his sweater that Jess got for him...funny, but it rubs on his butt which he loves!

Hasty Herman, never settles down long enough to get a good photo, unless he's sleeping.  Here he is telling Chaco, that he wants up in the chair with him.  This sweater is now off the front legs and slipping down his body.  It always happens that way, it's like pulling up a babie's trousers all day. Ha!

And this is poor little Chaco, no sweater...not to worry - I am hurrying...in the meantime, there are lots of dog pluffies.  Will she get the sweater done before spring?  Let's hope so!


Ellen said...

They're all adorable! Maybe Bailey needs legwarmers! Tube socks with the toes cut out. Okay, I'm getting silly but I feel for these guys.

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Ellen! Bailey has tried socks with the toe cut out, they come off quickly. We even tried velcro straps wrapped around his leg to keep it on, doesn't last long. Such is life. He is our OCD dog. He drinks the water until the bowl is empty, eats too quickly and has to be fed in halves or smaller portions or he barfs, paces when he needs attention, licks himself into a sore - has sensitive skin and vet says it's OCD behavior, won't poop unless the conditions are JUST right - and is not 'people' or other 'dog' friendly...makes for interesting dog ownership for us.

Leann said...

Such well dressed critters, at least two of them. We'll need to see pictures when Chaco gets his.

Anonymous said...

How cute!

Maybe try the socks with one of those short string w/ clips over her shoulder (like the string attaching both mittens that goes behind your shoulders?)

We're below freezing tonight, too. Stay warm!!!