Thursday, December 24, 2009

Musical Chairs for Dogs

WE recently moved the "dog" loveseat from out in front of the window, so the heat vent wouldn't be blocked. Bailey (big dog) being the creature of habit/special OCD dog that he is, has never adapted to the change.  He still wants to lay down on something at the window.  This chair is a little small for him. Chaco, likes the space for the same reason, plus this chair has the arms and it is cozy by the vent.  Big dog likes his space and at best will share it - toe to toe, or will use one of the wiener dogs as a pillow or vice versa.  This morning, they obviously caved into each other and this is the result. I would have liked to have seen Chaco make his brave jump to this spot but missed it.  The big dog was a little grumbly as I took this picture.  The sharing didn't last long and Chaco won out.  He is in the same chair, as he was yesterday with his sweater on.

Still a thick layer of ice over everything outside.  A little snow, but nothing like they were predicting, but wait the day isn't over yet  It's definitely a 'White Christmas' here on the Central Plains.  Hope your Christmas Eve is filled with the wonderment and magic of the season.

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