Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's All Relative...Snow Job

Relative to where you live...I have seen lots more snow than this in my life...but for here, this is alot.  The drifts were so tall and then you have barren ground beyond it.

This is to the south of the studio.

This is one part of the's a horseshoe.  But we need to barrel through that deep snowdrifts to make it out.  The batteries are giving us a problem on the snow removal equipment, so part two is coming of "snow moving".

This is one area that you can see how much snow fell, it's really hard to calculate with blowing and drifting snow and that's what is has been doing for over a day...glad the sun is out.  Doesn't help that it's below zero windchill, though.
 At this point, not a lot of art going on, just digging out and warming up and more digging out.
I know if you live in the Midwest, you have been dealing with it, so how much is at your place?
P.S. Yes, I AM working on Chaco's sweater - at night, in front of the telly.


Leann said...

Be a dear and keep it, instead of sending it our way.

Pattie Wall said...

I would try, but it's already left - just colder than you know what.

Vern Schwarz said...

Pattie, I have to chuckle when I see your pics and read about your snow problem. I'll admit, we haven't really had any this year, but you know it's coming. I'll email you the April 1st shot from last year...and that was no joke. Bundle up and enjoy the warmth inside... -4F here today, but it has warmed up some...ha!

Pattie Wall said...

I know Vern, but as I say, it's all relative. Used to live in the mountains above Denver and dealt with 2 feet about every 2 days, some winters...this is NOTHING...but it is something, when you don't get weather like this much here. Send my that photo, I would love to see it!