Thursday, December 31, 2009

Almost the New Year

The portrait swap at Karin Jurick's "Different Strokes from Different Folks" blog is almost done.  Out of 180 portraits there are still about 20 to be submitted. This is the final day of the challenge.  The portrait I did of Demetrios Vlachos was featured on my blog awhile back.  He painted me.  If you would like to see the reference photo and the finished portrait you will have to locate it on one of these two (addendum "4"!) 'You Tube' video feeds.  It may not be there yet.  I would wait a few days.  Karin has done all this work, AND she is busy doing HER art as well.  Thanks Karin!
                       Part One                                                  
                       Part Two
                       Part Three
                       Part Four
As Karin reminded us on her blog at the beginning of the challenge.."the gist (of this blog) is how you interpret, approach, see, transform the information given to you from a photograph. If you're skilled at painting faces, good for you - if you're unsure or apprehensive about painting faces - I believe you can, by approaching it this way ." 

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jill polsby said...

Hi Pattie: Loved your work on Karin's challenge to all of us. I too painted for her. Twas a fun project!! I have an idea for something fun that I'd love to talk to you about. If you'd email me? Jill Polsby
Keep up the great work in 2010!!