Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Chick 911

Oh my, I may have gotten a start to my chicken population about a year or two before I thought I would.  This baby chick had to be helped to be hatched by my neighbor's this AM. The mother and several other hens were pecking it after it it's in my studio - under a floodlight, at 86 - 90 degrees. I am doing the quickdance to read all I can about what to do, have an email into my friend in Oregon about baby chick care.  It seems to be ok, but I want to provide him/her with the chance to survive.  Placing his mouth in the water, which is in a little yogurt lid...hubster will see if he can get him some chicken food...he seems like he is ready to eat.  We have rehabbed bird babies before...nothing along the poultry line before.  911!!
If anyone has some advise or wisdom - it's appreciated!
Update - my friend, Danni, said that since they are 'flock' birds, I need to get it a buddy and maybe two since they can be fragile and you never know what you have got - so I got two Banty's - and hey, that's what the newbie is - they all seem to be getting along - it is touch and go for the newborn I think...I will keep you posted.  They are in a big box, with medicated chick food, waterer and pine shavings - heat lamps and warmth is the key for the newbie right now.  Cross your fingers.  And yes, I am officially now - "The Chicken Mama".  Funny how these things start.


Angela Elledge said...

Just a few weeks ago we had 24 eggs in an incubator at school and I got to watch one little fella hatch; it was such a hard job for him, but so exciting to watch the entire process. We had one that was touch and go, but he pulled through just fine, I hope the same for this one. Patti, if you have time, please check my last post, I have a special request from followers.

Pattie Wall said...

Monday report - newbie is doing just fine! They all seemed to get right into that flock mentality.

Danni said...

So glad Harlough and pals are doing well today - as fragile as they seem, they are tough little buggers to survive the rough starts life often presents them with!
Are you loving chicken-parenting?

Pattie Wall said...

Harlough is soooo darned cute, I just pick her up and squeeze her lovingly and gently and swoon to her. She is a big girl today, drinking on her own! Ya! I AM a loving chicken-parent. Today the chicks at the store were .50 - I decided my flock was ample for now, maybe next year's crop will be a different breed. Besides, I didn't want to take the risk of ruining what seems to be a good thing! I have been reading up on ALL of it!

Pattie Wall said...

NO - I don't really squeeze the chick, it's a figure of speech. :> <: :>