Monday, May 2, 2011

A Letter to Someone

Dear Whoever You Are,
Many days ago, I went to the CVS pharmacy store in Shawnee, Kansas to get some enlargements made on the self-service Kodak kiosk.  I took my little black and white jumpdrive with lots of my photos on it, as well as some quick additions to enlarge for some better look at commission photos.  In my confusion with the machines not working right and my having to switch back and forth from one machine to the other and then back again...I left my jump drive (it cost me $29.95) in the last machine I used. 

When I called the photo department upon getting home without it, they didn't see it left in the machine.  You probably could use a 2GB jumpdrive for your extra storage, but know you took away some of my ONE and ONLY shots of our sweet dog Herman who we lost in November.  As you looked at the photos on this drive, you would have seen many of my ONE and ONLY photos of my granddaughter Scarlett.  If you found it and had turned it in to the sales counter, I would have all of those many ONE and ONLY precious photos, which mean absolutely nothing to you.  Silly me for not backing up those photos. 

If you read this, just know that had I found your jumpdrive, I would have so understood how irreplaceable the content on that drive was and turned it in for you to return to the store to find in safe keeping.  I know there is no substitute for these important memories.  You could still return it, no questions asked.  Thanks.

Pattie Wall

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Leann said...

How awful! How frustrating!