Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where I Stand Sunday (actually Saturday this week)

I knew that perhaps it would be raining here today, Sunday, so I did a "Where I Stand Saturday" instead.  If it isn't raining today, it's ok.  I found something much more interesting to write about on Sat.
Always my 'awareness' happens when this guy comes around, as he is laying down some heavy-duty chemicals in the air and I heed that dogs and people need to go inside.  Figured out he was dusting way before he got to the airspace above us, so dogs went inside and I stood down on the driveway to try and capture
some close-ups as he flew over. 
(This will age me)..but I remember watching "Sky King" when I was little, and this so reminds me of that show...just the sound of the engine as he swoops down and speeds up to altitude again...

In these photos you can really see those sprayers underneath the plane...(click on a photo to enlarge)
I wonder about the job of crop dusting/aerial would seem to me to get a bit redundant...I'm thinking you'd better be aware at all times..and not take it for granted what you are doing.  These guys do this all day, when the weather cooperates.

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