Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Art Saves Lives"

Ok, I started this blog to tell you about my wanting to learn HTML for free online and about the grasshoppers in the fields..but I found there was something else I had to say. We are on our way to Minneapolis for the Vanagon tomorrow. Got to get back quick and get on ALL THE STUFF we GOTTA DO, so I can get back out to the studio to draw and paint. Been missing it terribly!! Right now, I am a frustrated artist! And that isn't good for the other part of my life. Makes me grouchy and sad at the same time. You have no idea how fulfilling art can be, unless you are an artist. Several of you who read this will agree! That's why I have adopted the saying on the bumper sticker on my Jeep -  "Art Saves Lives" -  actually I got it at the Ancestral Spirits Gallery in Port Townsend, Wash., and it has a different meaning there, lay-offs were happening in the area a few years ago and people turned to ART as a way of making a in that case "Art Saves Lives" differently.) I also look at the saying to mean this: if it weren't for THE ARTS, MUSIC and PHYSICAL EDUCATION/SPORTS, many kids would have dropped outta school long ago. It was what kept me interested, my daughter interested and many other kids I have taught along the way interested. Please support the arts in public education and when someone says they think the ARTS should be erased from the academic world, remember please...ART SAVES LIVES!!


Lisa said...

I came across this post when I was searching for places to get an Art Saves Lives bumper sticker. I couldn't agree more. I'm a lifelong Pacific Northwesterner living in Seattle, and see these from time to time. I didn't know the history with Port Townsend, but that's an interesting take on the tag line.

Enabling individuals to pursue their artistic passions may not only give them something to live for, but it improves the lives of those who surround them. It saves marriages, families, educations...the list goes on.

So yes, art saves lives. It truly does! Thanks for the post.

Pattie said...

Thanks for your insight. Sometimes I wonder what I would do with the retirement time I have if I didn't have art. The money for travel would run out so quickly and then...?