Friday, September 21, 2007

Supply Run

Whenever we need building supplies, we have to travel 90 some miles (1 way) to a GOOD lumber/hardware supply. I made that trip today to pick up special ordered "scalloped" siding that we'll use to embellish the gable area of the north side of the house as we replace the siding that was ruined in June by the hailstorm. We have had to wait awhile to do this project, for the temp to get a little cooler and will have to look for a day when it is calmer, which may be coming soon, as the whole protective side of the front of the house will be coming down, temporarily. On my trip I decided to pass the time, an hour and 15 minutes each way with a book CD I have had and never listened to. What a good story, so far. Books on CD are the way to travel. I would regularly finish a book on the way back and forth from Co to KS., last year. I am listening to "The Kite Runner". Reading changes your life and sometimes changes your views. This novel definitely fits into that category. Books take you so many places that you can't go to or never thought about. It's almost dangerous to drive and listen as you can be transported to another world so easily. But it sure helps to pass the time (and it is very boring drive). Got to do a little side shopping at Hobby Lobby for some art materials I have had on my list. Yeah! Looking forward to getting the dead bugs out of the studio (from "bugbombing" the place, although some bugs sure are tougher than others, as I stated yesterday). I find little carcasses in the most unique areas. They love to crawl into boxes and into plastic bags, little do they know. Ha!

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