Thursday, September 20, 2007

Flies, Wolf Spiders and a Stinky Farmhouse

Hi All, back from Minnesota! I had been there once, in downtown, but not anywhere else, and this time of year, it is very lovely...nice and cool with leaves changing. Minneapolis reminded us of Denver as far as traffic gridlock, even at 3 - 4 in the afternoon! We don't miss it. Stayed in a very beautiful place near Garden City, MN., in a fairgrounds, where they have horse shows, 4H, FFA, etc., but no one was there, we were the only ones! Great big old oak trees. Nice sleeping weather. I noted a hoppin' place driving back home, St. Peter, Minnesota. Looked like a place I could thrive, lots of cool old Victorian houses and a Main Street with lots of neat little interesting artists' shops. Next night, we stayed along the Missouri River in Yankton, South Dakota, nice place too, but lots of people. Now we are home and I finally feel like it is coming HOME, after a year and a half.
BTW, I sprayed lots of bug killer around the foundation inside and outside the house as we had a very huge wolf spider on the ceiling before we left, came home, picked up the fly trap that had blown off the porch and there was a BIG guy stuck to it (I'm talking about the size of your palm, guess he thought he would munch on a few flies...)then there was a BIG one in the studio, just as we walked in the door to see if we had any leaks from the 1 1/2 inches of rain that we got while gone. I can pick up toads, I can catch grasshoppers, I can catch a mouse without freaking out, I can deal with sick or injured birds and what not, but I really don't like big spiders (or snakes, as you recall). And it's fly season everywhere, don't you just hate it? Seems like every fly I swatted in the RV, Herman ate it off the floor before I could retrieve it. Yech!
Old farmhouse mustiness hit me in the face when I opened the door upon returning, so I am burnin the candles, fans blowin and windows open! Peeyoo!

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