Saturday, September 8, 2007


Being gone from home to Brooklyn, N. Y. for 21 days/3 weeks has proven to be an eye-opener to many things.
First of all, I've grown to know how much I appreciate my home and present life situation;
how much I enjoyed the change of scenery, however, "There's no place like home"...appropriately said considering where I live (tsk);
how scarce certain food items and resources for art there are in this part of the planet for someone like myself, (like no "goat cheese" at the local market, just one of many to mention, although there are lots of goats around); how very quiet and peaceful it is here;
how different each little town/community in the area is - each has a different "feel" and "vibe" to it and each has it's own distinct culture (just like the different neighborhoods within a borough in NYC);
how I have had to readjust my "mindset" from N.Y to KCMO to No. Central Ks.
My thoughts go to those who journey into space for lengthy times, those who fight for our country, doing extended tours, those who are exiled from their homelands, or even those who travel for their job (near or far). The world has seemed to grow smaller, while there exists such diversity and variety in the human experience. You'll most likely agree that we learn much from travel, necessary or otherwise, and I view it as an important activity to learn, enrich, inspire, humble, and energize the soul. But best of all, it's good to be HOME.

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Deb said...

Hey P what is your background music? I really like it. Also, where do I go to see the steaming pics of all your work? I want to see the painting of K. I thought it was here and I cannot get to your myspace page. I don't have one. Let me know. Thanks - D