Monday, September 24, 2007

Dustin' Off the Crust Buster

News about FARMIN' today. G. is out in the neighbor's farm tractor "bustin' the crust" (taking the dirt clods down to a finer soil) from the field where wheat seed will be soon planted. Neighbor, Ed, works at a job during the day, and farms when he's not workin', so to get his seed in the ground he needed field help, taught G. how to drive this equipment in the dark last night and showed him what to G is out there somewhere. This morning he was get crust bustin. He is a farmer at heart and is always interested in learning as much as he can about farmin'. Since moving here, we both have a new awareness and appreciation for farmers and their task. The saga of the elusive wolf spiders continues. They are all over the place this fall! I am OK with them outside, just not in the house, which has been sprayed and sprayed with Home Defense. I think we found the space where they are getting into the house, just have to climb up on a ladder and seal it. Did I tell you how fast they are?

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