Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Beginning of the new "siding" project

The house is continuing to have it's well deserved upgrade due to damage from hail storms at the beginning of warm weather this year, see end of May and mid-June blogs. As you can see, we tore into removing the siding from around the door and the foundation at the door. Can't expect any more from a 104 year old farmhouse, I guess. We have a lot more repairing to do than we originally planned. But as you can see, the finished product of the new door, was worth it. We are still tearing off old siding, figuring out how to cover the "stones" that are the foundation for the floor plate, not like it's done today of course. There are lots of dead mice and some biting gnats that G. got into today. I had to go to Kearney, Ne., to return 32" door and get 36" door. Had this door that you see, for the studio, then used it for the front, now have to exchange "lites" (the glass design) from the one I was able to get today with the one in the photo, as it is much nicer than any you can get this year for the price. The one in the photo above, opens the wrong direction...had to get a "right hand" door. So now the door in the photo will go back to rest on the wall of the studio for a little longer, minus the pretty glass. More photos tomorrow with the '50 Chevy with some of the siding trash and house side open like a "sore".

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