Monday, September 10, 2007

Reluctant Weimeraner

This is an oil that is on the easel right now. I need to do some photo resourcing before continuing, as G's hand was not in the photo and it shows his weight on his knuckles as he bent over to talk to our Weimeraner on the beach at Cape Lookout in Oregon. The dog had just been released from his splint on his broken leg after two surgeries and a couple of months on a "close by your side" leash, and was a little too frisky for the beach and the people around, so G was making sure he understood how the beach walk should go. Our patience and understanding was waning at one time with this one, however, we do enjoy him immensely and wouldn't trade him for anything. His figure in the painting needs much more work and detail, but I do have his stance correct. He wasn't interested at all in what G. had to say. We often saw that response when he was a pup. I'll bet a lot of you have had puppies like that, too! I also have to think about the area surrounding the is the sand of the beach, but it doesn't read right so far in the painting, so will work more on that too! It's a good thing I stepped away from it for awhile, as I am able to get re-inspired at this time. Cooler weather here makes me very happy!

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