Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back from KC

As some of you know, this is my favorite time of year. I had a nice visit in KC and on the way out, I thought I would take a photo or two of this house that is down the street from my parents. They decorate it with life size ghouls and goblins. My dad said he can imagine little kids might not want to walk that way to school. (They are probably bussed anyway, the schools are too far away.) But at night there is more, the windows are lit up and ghosts and skeletons are flying in them, you can kinda see that if you select the photo to enlarge it. There was steam coming off of the "dummies" but my photo doesn't show that. Gave it an eerie feeling, even in the daytime.
Stay tuned, the re-siding is done and before and after pics will be posted tomorrow night. Yeah! Now on to the south side - to be done!!
BTW - we gave up on Hughesnet, and have gone with ruraltel. It's Lightning FAAASST!

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Jess and Scarlett said...

Spooky!!!!! Scarlett is in my arms an jumped a bit when one of the pics came up.