Thursday, October 11, 2007

Don't Knock It

In my convo's with others, I often hear, "I'm not interested in what people in my past life (high school, college) are doing. I am so 'over' that time in my life," almost as if it's 'uncool' to seek out or stay in touch with your past. Think about it though, people from that era are probably more important to your life, than anyone else, besides your immediate family. There is still much that goes on in your life that is based on that period of living. You formed a lot of your work ethic (or not), how to connect with others in a sincere way, you found out who were your friends and tightly held onto them, as you weren't necessarily with your family anymore, you were flying free, and needing guidance and 'tether' and role models. G. and I still have those relationships, with each other and those who live "away" from us. I feel it is paramount to one's better being, that you stay in touch with those "others". They are your brothers and sisters. G. was able to go to Denver this week, he had a lot of 'stuff' to take care of. He (and I) stays in touch with people from his H.S. and college years. Speaking for both of us; their family, most often, is 'your' family, no different than whether you have seen them recently or not, you have a "history" with them, you care about them. (I don't know, am I generalizing here?) They, also, were a part of your growth into adulthood. After many years, G. reconnected with his friend, and I believe it benefits them both, in ways one can only feel; no words can explain. I wish that for all people. It's seems comforting and it validates much of who you are!

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