Friday, October 26, 2007

Re-Siding Project is DONE!!

Hallelujah! We are done with the north side of this house! Break out the champagne and noisemakers, wooo hooo! As you can see it made a big difference in the looks of our little farmstead house, old look at the top and new look at the bottom. I guess the lady we bought it from was in the area the other day and came by and sat in the driveway, most likely to "ooo and ahh", you see very few abodes around here - taken to this level of "curb appeal". Leave it to the 'Big City Kids' or we guess they sometimes have referred to us as 'greenies'. Not so much anymore. The original photo was taken about 14 months ago. The only thing not on the house yet is the new dark brown storm door. If you view the new look in larger size you can see that the big tree on the left is still trying to "come back", it was devastated by the May storm/tornado. We are working on the south side painting and we will be done with the outside of the house for now. And just in time, G. fell off the ladder yesterday, hurt his shoulder, but is OK, very sore.

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Jess said...

Looks awesome, your hard work really paid off! Kristen from Property Ladder would be very impressed with the "curb apeal".