Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cashing in on the Mother Lode!!

Hey Mom and Dad, you won't believe it! My neighbor went to the movies in town last night and they gave him the leftover movie popcorn. He in turn gave it to us this morning. We are in heaven! (including dogs, they know when it is around and they swooped to the table where it was set, presented to me a while ago.) But seriously, someone who knows that I love popcorn is anyone in my family! So, should I eat it til I am sick? No. Can I freeze it? Probably not. Well, here's to a few football games or movies this weekend, where I don't have to go into the kitchen and fix some, anyway. I LOOOOVE POPCORN! One of my favorite units to teach to little kids was my "Popcorn" unit about this time of here's to Popcorn!! Leave comments of how YOU like YOUR popcorn and when.

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Jess said...

I wasn't a huge popcorn fan when I was a kid. But it's one of my favorite snacks now. I love it with lots of REAL butter. I also like white cheddar popcorn and carmel corn. Also loved Sally's popcorn balls that she used to make at Christmas time.