Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's Always...

something! We are back on dial-up for at least 7 days. Don't think I have the patience to 'post' much with the lack of speed. I sure get fired up when I have to sit down and make a phone call to HughesNet and complain, and then be lowered to dial-up. Someone from Iowa will be down within 3 - 5 days to check it out. Just one of the perks of being remote. Ha! Re-siding is almost ready for final paint. Scallops (half rounds) look great. G. has knocked himself out with the design and engineering. He is a saint! It has been days and days of work. It hailed a little tonight and gave me the heebie jeebies for all the work that has been done to get it's first taste of hail since it was ruined 4 months ago. This has been the wettest spring and summer here for some time. Can't get the wheat planted and can't get the milo harvested at this rate.

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