Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another Day of Snow

I was going to attach a video, for lack of better words but it is too large and Blogger won't download it. Go figure.
It's snowing hard and hubster wants to know when I am going out to shovel. Ha! Anyway, it's out to the studio to paint til my little heart's content. I am working on a painting that is messing with my "dreamscape" at night right now. Does that ever happen to you? You will see it soon.
Poor dogs are so bored. Nothing to do. Such is a dog's life these days. It's like they are tired from being tired!
Hubster is trying to get a guy in Denver to call him on a Craigslist VW van for sale, saw it in Denver about a year ago, it is back on Craigslist and the guy won't answer emails. We have gone back through cell phone records, to find out that our company quit billing us with the numbers we called about that time. Thought that maybe this guy's phone number was on a piece of paper from a trash can that only gets dumped from the office maybe once every 6 months, but it's not even in the dumped trash. So my 'pet peeve' today is why do people use Craigslist, if they really have no intention of selling their goods because this guy has had three emails since the 2nd and hasn't answered any of them? Happens a lot!! Grrrr.

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