Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Busy-ness Crescendo

It has started. This morning we drove 19 miles to Nebraska to buy wood for a storage closet in the studio. Got to the P.O. to mail off Valentimes (as my brother used to call them when he was little). Hubster got some new toys at the farmstore for outside, and a big woodstove (on sale of course) with blower to install in the shop that will heat the shop and studio next cold season.
The crescendo is beginning - now we are outside more. Looking around at what needs tweaking. Erosion and run off is a happenin' thing today. The run-off is happening again from the acreage to the south. We have a "river running through it"! Will have to contact 'Mr. Conservation Farmer' to remind him he is losing farmland - to us. We thought about letting it go and letting it be an extension of our already pond. Less mowing. But more bugs, I suppose.
We graveled the muddy driveway last year, but the mud is pushing through the gravel. It's not as yucky as last year, though when we literally had pieces of cardboard to walk on from the house to the studio. I felt like I was jumping on lilypads. Ribbit - ribbit.
I have discovered a new surface to do pastels on called "Pastelboard" by Ampersand. Wowee! It is expensive but very great! I started a new pastel just this afternoon. It says you can do acrylic painting on it too. I will have to let you know on that one. I did buy two pieces in Denver - a big one and a little one. Guess which piece I am using right now?
So, I think I will get back to the studio and do a little more. Later! Hope you are painting today too!

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