Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Fifteen

Fifteen things that inspire me:
1. The way the sunlight and shadows do "a dance at sunset".
2. Looking at a good composition in a photograph.
3. Seeing a color(s) choice in a model home or Parade of Homes venue.
4. Watching a TV program about the "creative process" or seeing someone else's art and wondering how they did that.
5. My own photos and/or my collection of "source" material.
6. Reading a good book that encourages me to use my imagination.
7. Listening to "new age" music.
8. Watching a dog or horse (or any animal, for that matter) win "Best in Show".
9. The smell of sweet, clean air after a rain.
10.The sound of a train whistle or a thunderstorm in the distance.
11.Making a trip to the Southwest, particularly the Taos and Sante Fe area.
12.Getting new art materials/supplies.
13.Going to a Natural History Museum and viewing art from ancient cultures.
14.The way the gentle breeze rustles the crops or the trees.
15.Watching the return of "migrating" birds in the springtime.

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