Friday, February 8, 2008

The Friday Fiver

"Moon Over the Quonset Hut" in the early summer.

I occasionally run out of things to say. In checking here I can find lots of ideas. Today I am including a "Friday Fiver". You can read my responses, copy the questions to your blog and have something to write about on a Friday.
It's called "hush your mouth"

1. Do you like the thrill of a chase?
I guess I do, although I haven't had that occur in quite some time. I think Britney thrives on this one! tsk

2. What winds you up?
When I make a plane reservation, I get pretty excited. Also, when we make plans of what we will do when we go traveling in the RV. So, I guess the planning, hoping, wishing and orchestrating is what winds me up. I get wound up about "animal rights" issues. Being a children's advocate, I get wound up about children in dysfunctional settings. I get wound up when "the game" is being played unfairly.

3. Are you a loud talker?
Depends on if I have had a drink or not. The more drinks, the louder I get. When I get excited about something, "quiet" is not a forte.

4. What comes easy to you?
Speaking in front of a crowd or group, learning something new, drawing or painting a likeness of a person or an animal.

5. What did you dream about recently?

Last night I dreamt that the "propane" truck showed up to fill our propane tank at the house. We called them on Monday. They haven't shown up yet. Wishful dreaming? Hubster said if they DO show up, then maybe I can dream about us winning a million dollars tonight. HA!
If I don't confirm what I dreamt when I first wake up, I don't remember what I dreamed. Writing down my dreams is probably one way to remember. I used to do that, and I can remember what I wrote about, even after years. So committing it to writing, is one of the best ways- like journaling. I am so glad that I have these pages and pages of blogging! It's amazing to see other blogs that have gone on for years!


Leann said...

I just noticed you can click and drag the turtles, but it makes them mad, so I only do it if one turtle is bullying another.

Pattie said...

Ha! You MUST have a lot of snow up there!