Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cattle Watching and Dead Mice

Our kids are visiting from Denver. We are having a good time. Teaching them how to play a card game, "99". Dining out for steaks at Duffy's in town. Katie and I scrapbooked for awhile yesterday. Ryan and his dad did some power shoppin at the 75% off Duckwall's sale (yep, Alco's will be open soon - probably the biggest news around here in a while). Ryan was real proud of a utensil set he bought for his camping trailer for $3.00. Ha, hubster stocked up on lots of mice poison, wasp and mosquito yard spray, gadgets and wheel cleaners!
Unbeknownst to me, there have been mice in my studio, one ran across the floor while croppin yesterday. Darned varmints! Well, he has lots of little pellets to eat tonight, plus he had already sampled some over the night before (after art club meeting). I put some in a little dish and count them. One dish was empty! I didn't even have to count!
The photo above is all of them (including the weimaraner, of course, doesn't he look like a person?) looking out the window at the neighbor feeding his cattle across the road. The little calves are so cute. They jump and buck and kick up their heels. They remind me of Bambi or little cartoon lambs.
What' on the agenda today? More of the same probably.

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